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Attach or sit your little door some where special in your garden, patio or home and the fairies will see it as an invitation to visit you.

All little doors come with their own special magic.

The fairies, hobbits, pixies or any other sweet magical being are the only ones that can open your special door. So don’t try and open it, as it may scare them away if you do. Treat your fairy door with care and the fairies will always be around. They may even leave you little notes or gifts.

These very clever fairy folk use anything they can find to create their little doors and furnishings from the Australian bush, parks and gardens.

Some of the materials they use are paperbark. nuts, twigs, small branches, flowers, leaves, a tiny nail or two, varnish and a little hook.

Size is approximately: 15.5cm x 7.5cm (6" x 3")

If placing your special little door out doors, the less exposed to the elements the better. Tuck it up under something and raise it up a little out of standing water so it doesn't swell.If it gets wet, let your door dry out naturally.

All doors look great outside or inside, they can be hung up or can also stand alone.

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