Aussie Fairy Doors
Fairy Door 3
Fairy Door 3

Aussie Fairy Doors

Sold: This little door has found a home.

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This sweet little door has a little pot, broom, table and little stools

$80.00 Plus postage.

At this stage postage is only available within Australia.

Materials: Wood, paper bark, gumnuts, little branch, nails, glue, varnish and little hook at the back.

Size is approximately: 16cm x 7.5cm (6" x 3)

If placing your special little door our doors,

the less exposed to the elements the better. Tuck it up under something

and raise it up out of standing water so the wood doesn't swell.

If it gets wet let your door dry out naturally.

All doors look great outside or inside, they can be hung up or can also stand alone.